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Property State

What state is your home located in? One True Loan is licensed and lending in the listed states.

Property County

What county is your home located in? Certain counties will have limitations on loan limits.

Property Type

What type of home do you own? Interest rates and fees are typically higher on townhomes and condos due having attached walls to the neighbor. Run a quote and see.

Loan Purpose

What is the reason for this loan? Please choose cashout if you are trying to combine a first and second mortgage on your home. Availability depends on Product Selection.


How is your home occupied? Typically, second homes can have the same rates and fees as your primary but must be located 50 miles away or in a "resort" area. Availability depends on Product Selection.

Credit Score

Give us an idea of what your credit score is. There are three credit bureaus Equifax, Transunion and Experian. The middle of the three credit scores to qualify you.

Escrow Impounds Account

Use escrow impounds to include your taxes & insurance into your mortgage payment. Otherwise, you must pay them separately. Availability depends on Product Selection and LTV.

Required for VA, FHA and LTV > 80%.

Loan Amount

The balance of your current mortgage or the amount needed for a purchase. Your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is this amount divided by property value.

Based on this amount, your LTV is N/A

Property Value

The property value will be determined when your home is appraised by a professional. What do you estimate your property to be appraised at?

Based on this value, your LTV is N/A

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We're Here To Help

Purchase Planning

Home Purchase

We will help develop a purchase plan:

  • Provide a preparation checklist
  • Review financial credentials to optimize for purchase power
  • Plan and structure your mortgage
  • Provide a pre-approval letter for home shopping
  • Coordinate with your agents and all parties involved
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Refinance or Cashout Advice

Refinance or
Cashout Guidance

We provide guidance for your existing mortgage:

  • Determine if mortgage refinance is beneficial
  • Show you how to utilize your equity with a cashout
  • Create a plan for your mortgage goals
  • Advise on document retention
More about the Refinance Process › Learn the Benefits of a Refinance ›
Loan Terms & Product Decisions

Loan Term and
Product Advice

We advise on the following:

  • VA loan benefits and eligibility
  • FHA loan benefits and eligibility
  • Fixed rate versus adjustable rate mortgages
  • Loan term decisions, such as 30 vs. 15 years
  • Availability of other products and loan terms
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